Blogger trend with Clay!

Le printemps s'est enfin installé au Luxembourg et nous en profitons pour vous présenter un nouveau look avec un blogueur local, Clay! Notre premier auteur invité masculin! Clay a choisi des baskets dans notre boutique à Belval dont le prix est 49,50€. Qu'est ce que vous en pensez? Nous on approuve! Un look décontracté pour le quotidien avec une touche de rock'n'roll! Merci Clay!

Hi everyone,

Finally spring is here and what is more exiting than slowly getting ready for summer? OF COURSE a new pair of shoes. In collaboration with Seaside Luxembourg, I had the chance to create a look all around springvibes and my new pair of shoes. I  choose these cognac colored full leather sneakers, which totally match with my leather bikerjacket. (finally I’ve found shoes in the exact same color than my jacket THANKS SEASIDE *AMEN*)

For this early springday, I’ve chosen to wear my fav new sneakers in combination of this leatherjacket because it’s not that warm but also not very cold outside. Matching sunglasses, a simple pair of destroyed jeans and a longfit flanel shirt make this outfit complete. I’ve never had so comfortable sneakers for such an incredible good price, this is also the reason why I love buying shoes at Seaside. 

First of all they have a huge assortment of shoes for kids, men and women in every styles and for every occasion. The quality of their shoes is stunning, as already mentioned before, the pair I’m wearing is on both sides full leather. Last but not least the price of their shoes is so affordable.

So what do you want more ? 

THEY ARE TRENDY, THEIR QUALITY IS GREAT AND THEIR PRICES ARE FANTASTIC. If you can’t believe my last words, visit one of their shops in Mersch or in Belval and check it by yourself, you’ll be positive convinced.

Hope you enjoyed it. 


Photos: Mov_Mnt


Anna Katina

Photographer and blogger based in Luxembourg.